Training & products

Designing a Theory of Change
A Theory of Change is a powerful tool for formulating policy and making it coherent. This training develops step by step a Theory of Change that also provides solid support for a quality fund application.

Financial sustainability of vocational education
In a multi-day training course, the topic of sustainability is discussed broadly. It then covers 20 ways in which a vocational school in a developing country can become financially self-sufficient. With the management of the vocational school, a sustainability plan is written for the specific context of the school.

Quality management system (QMS) for vocational education
This is an innovative method for measuring and improving the quality of a vocational school. The QMS is in use at hundreds of vocational schools in dozens of countries. In a participatory assessment, the quality of the vocational school is measured and a quality plan is drawn up. A multi-year quality policy is also drawn up.

Labor market research
A multi-day training course discusses 10 methods by which research can be conducted on the labor market in the context of the vocational school. This is a practical training where the knowledge is applied directly. A research plan is then developed that provides concrete tools for the vocational school to be continuously market-oriented.

Job & Business Services concept
This concept was developed by Woord en Daad Foundation and adopted by Bouthos consultancy. It is a powerful concept that strengthens the connection between a vocational school and the labor market. In a multi-day training, this concept is explained and contextualized for a specific vocational school.

Development of a Theory of Change
Tracking students after completion of their studies provides strategic information to guide a vocational school's policies. Bouthos consultancy offers a high-quality Employment Tracking System in which students can be tracked.